Five Best WordPress Plugins for Developers

Posted by on Feb 4, 2015 in Honor Code, WordPress

five best WordPress Plugins

This post on the Five Best WordPress Plugins for Developers is my second attempt at a blog on 449 Design. I figured I’d hit restart by discussing some the 5 best WordPress plugins for WordPress developers. These are WordPress plugins that I’ve found to be very useful on both client sites and on my own personal site. Some of them may be moore developer oriented, but maybe I’m wrong about that and those of you with a little less website development and design experience will find these useful as well. With these plugins listed in no particular order, except for the last one which is my favorite, let’s get started!

5 Best WordPress Plugins

WordPress Theme Downloader


Theme Downloader best WordPress plugin

The first of our Five Best WordPress plugins for Developers is the Theme Downloader by George Stephanis is a plugin that I’ve found to be useful when making some changes to a client’s existing site. As the plugin title would suggest, by activating the plugin you’re able to download any theme that is in the themes directory. This makes things a little bit simpler since you don’t have to worry about signing into ftp to make any changes. If you have a theme that you’d like to use on another site but don’t have it saved on your computer, this plugin will save you from having to look for that theme again.
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Reveal IDs

Reveal IDs

There are many times when it’s necessary to be able to view the id of a page, post or category. WordPress used to do this natively, but since version 2.5, that capability has been removed. Enter the Reveal IDs plugin made by Alphawolf. This plugin adds an id column in the admin area that displays the id of each of the previously mentioned elements as well as ids for Following IDs can be revealed: posts, pages, categories, links and more.

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wp-polls best wordpress plugins
One thing that I like adding to a website is interactivity. WP-Polls may be the best WordPress plugin to give you the ability to put a poll any where on your site and get your site visitor’s opinion on anything from a favorite ice cream to who they’re hoping will win the big game. You’re able to set up the topic, the answers, the date you want the poll to start running and add an expiry date to the poll. Once an answer is chosen, the poll displays the results with a bar graph and the number of people who answered per topic.

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Yoast SEO

wordpress seo best wordpress plugin
Yoast is arguably the best WordPress SEO plugin available. If you’re interested in getting higher in search engine rankings, with a little bit of SEO knowledge of your own, this plugin will help do a lot of heavy lifting for you. SEO Yoast helps with site maps, meta tags, search page descriptions, checks for images with missing alt tags along with a great number of other things.

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What are your picks for the best WordPress plugins?

Well that’s it for my first (not really first) blog post. I hope you enjoyed these picks for the five best WordPress plugins. I’d love to know what you feel the best WordPress plugins are. I know there are a lot of them out there so yours are sure to be different from mine. In fact, this was originally supposed to be titled, 10 Best WordPress Plugins, but I ran out of time. Time. There’s never enough of it. Maybe these WordPress plugins will help with that.

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