Hire A Website Developer

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Hire A Website Developer

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Note: After posting a link to 449 Design, I was pleasantly surprised and excited to be asked by a friend, “Isn’t website design basically dead with all of the do it yourself websites basically monopolizing the market?”

I felt that this question fit very well with this article and decided to use it as part of the introduction. Looks like I’ve done just that – Thanks Adam!

While do-it-yourself subscription based website building sites seem to be a good idea (at first), for the non website developer or designer, there may be more hurdles to be overcome than anticipated. It’s no wonder so many people and businesses have decide to hire a website developer / designer in the end.

Issues With Website Building Sites


Website Building tools usually start with a template. The user starts by choosing which layout and design they like best and then applies it to their own site. The problem with this approach is that there are only so many templates to choose from. You’ll invariably end up with a website that looks like several others, the major differences being that you’ll have different content on yours.

Limited Options

A few years ago when beginning to work with a client who wanted to edit her website I came across a difficulty when attempting to do some minor tweaks on her site. The tasks she wanted completed were basic: change a font color, add some images etc. When I went to make these changes, I realized that the website builder wouldn’t allow me to do so unless my client paid extra for those “extra features”. The template wasn’t at all editable and when a shop was requested, more frustrations arose. In the end, I had to inform the client that she would have to start from scratch.

The issues that the above client above encountered wouldn’t have occurred had a website developer been hired as opposed to the use of a seemingly low cost solution. A website developer has free reign. They can add as many pictures as you want while coming up with a suitable color scheme and design for your site. Everything is included in the project cost.

Site Migration

Web building tools will often host your website on their server. It all sounds phenomenal until you decide you’d like to move your website to a more reliable host. Unfortunately, most website building sites are created using the builder’s inherent tools which rely on their own programming. Hosting a replica of the current website on a different server isn’t possible in most cases. If you’re wanting to move your site, that will most likely mean a complete rebuild – something that will cost you time and money.

While I’m aware that there are website building sites out there that will let you (and perhaps even help you) migrate your website from their host to another web server, many of the features that you rely on such as your photo gallery, shopping cart and message boards are run on the website builder’s system, it can be quite shocking to find out that where there was once a photo gallery there is now simply an empty page with a little bit of text on it – if any part of those features remain at all.

Once you hire a web designer or developer they can provide you with any frills you need. They can also set you up with your own hosting account, eliminating your need to worry about transferring your website. Web Developers are quite knowledgeable about which servers run the best for your particular needs which ensures that everything will run smoothly.

Websites Need Change

As your website traffic grows, so will the needs of your audience. Your website developer can adjust your website to adapt to those changes. What changes those are will depend on the purpose of your website and what your audience is asking for.

Website Building Tools Cost More

Through the course of a year, adding up each monthly payment, the average website building platform with all amenities, domain name and hosting may cost somewhere $80 to $150 per year. While it seems inexpensive at first, the average subscriber often ends up paying more, especially when other costs like third party features are factored in.

As mentioned earlier, When you hire a website developer, you only pay for development, hosting and domain name. It’s completely up to you if you decide to commission more work to be done. While it may seem like a large cost at first, once you calculate what that web based subscription solution amounts to over time, you’ll find that the price quickly becomes much less.

Hire A Website Developer – The Right Business Decision

“Some places only want the cheapest form of online pamphlet as their business presence,” says Dryden, Ontario website developer and radio copy writer Chris Pollard, “but any business worth its existence will hire someone to create a proper site. Especially if they need that site to actually preform a function…often those internet DIYers will realize that and hire someone to fix their blunder.<\p>

If one is truly interested in increasing their client or customer base, the choice seems to be obvious. Hire a website developer and ensure that your website gives you the result that it’s supposed to. Shamless self promotion: 449 Design is a great place to start!

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